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Aston Martin spruces up Vantage range for 2010

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 Aston Martin is readying a range of personalization options for the V8 Vantage range for 2010. You can order the new 2010 model now, with first deliveries landing in early 2010. Prices start at £83,191 for the coupé, £91,021 for the Roadster.

       The Vantage range is pepped up by:




hello blogger friends

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  My name is leon!  This blog is part of my work. My project is about the sports car, it will use the blog as the medium. It will offer comprehensive information of the sports car. I choose the sports car as the topic of my project, because I am keen on the sports car. In my mind, the sports can is regarded more as art rather than a simple vehicle.
My project is about the sports car. So the content will focus on the information of sports car. According to the target audiences, the blog will have three main parts- the car news, the cars and the engines. The car news is about the latest news about the sports car, such as the release of the new car, the price adjustment etc. “The cars” is about the normal information about the sports car, such as the feedback of the driver, top 10 sports cars etc. finally the engine, this is the special section in my blog. The sports car enthusiasts always have passion on the speed and want to be clear which car has the fastest acceleration and how the top speed it can be. In order to meeting these interests, I will exploit the engine information in this section. In order to make is more visual, I will insert video in this section. The video can be made by myself, also it can be applied from other websites, like top gear and YouTube.
  I reckon on the support from the car enthusiasts.